despite its slightly archaic flavour, lives on in the language and is one of the mainstays of the subjunctive in English:

• I shall say nothing about alcohol lest I be pilloried by publicans —Julian Critchley, 1987.

• The site also contains a convenient link to PayPal lest anyone want to donate money —weblog, AmE 2002.

An alternative construction, especially after verbs of fearing or apprehension, is with should:

• I can see you're in a fever lest slick Ben and his moll should get back…before you make your getaway —Ngaio Marsh, 1962

• And she also felt slightly nervous lest the large house should suddenly disgorge many other hidden residents —Margaret Drabble, 1988.

Use of the indicative is already evident, and often sounds perfectly natural (the subjunctive is identifiable only in the third person singular anyway):

• He would never have repeated the story lest it weakened our war effort —A. N. Wilson, 1977

• Mr. Howard had better do some research, lest he wants to be a party to a huge white elephant rapid-transit line —news website, CanE 2004.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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